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Ethereum (ETH) Since the $ 370 level on November 3, 2020, Not only did it reach a 30-month price level, but also in various Blokchain to parameters also according to that you are in the bull market proved. Ethereum In the last week of November, end 30 monthsthe peak of 620 dollar sharply retreat from your topdi. Next points of resistancena again increased and continued the bull market. Despite the decline with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies TOTH, 2020 yhas risen over 300% since the beginning of the yearshow medi. This surge makes available signs that Ethereum is in the bull market.

Since before 2020 expected 2.0 upgrade Announcement of the date (1 December 2020) and With stage 0 Beacon Be your chain verifiedwas supportive in maintaining the rise. Still the 2.0 update, It is not the only strong point for Ethereum.

There seem to be signs that Ethereum is in the bull market. Even in Ethereum expected for ascension from five much indicator findsleeps DTC Capital analyst Spencer Noon, To support the idea that we are strictly bullish for Ethereum and verify It took out a few important charts for it.

Well, How?

Blockin the chain network active addressesthe number of in, less than 500,000 per day We can interpret it as the first indicator. This number is approximately twice the number of addresses for 2019. In this case, it means that the number of people who have ETH at their addresses in 2020 is more. At the same time, according to the volume data and resistance levels, these people have high amounts of ETH in their wallets. hold It is possible to say that they do.

On Ethereumover $ 16 billion, which has been parabolic since the beginning of this year, a sign that there is a huge demand for the digital dollar. stablecoins published. Ba set of competitors that emerged this year coin Ethereum continued to be the foundation of the entire ecosystem, although. DeFi number of users in 2020 compared to previous years tenfold has increased. DtoFin i The total value locked has increased by about 2000% since the beginning of 2020. Then it reached $ 14 billion with $ 5 billion plus protocol.. This Of Ethereum matureTherefore, we can consider it as another important indicator for price increase.

Btoday’s prices about 2nd,Worth $ 7 billion, 152.000 piece BTC, On Ethereum tokenized getdi. Bitcoin In the last quarter of 2020, where it constantly realizes new peak prices Of ETHWe see that it follows this rise in parallel and even wide angle.

Of Ethereum social sensitivity and mainstream mediaof the masses in When looking at their interactions, the internet social media data Highest levels since early 2018 We see that.

Considering all these indicators; Of Ethereum, 500 dollarunder withdrawalsHowever, it can be inferred that it is in the bull market. Preserving the uptrend ETH with these retreats, hâlâ Will provide a purchasing territory that goes a long wayktir.